Starting a Career As a Medical Technician

A medical technician, sometimes known as a medical technologist, performs a variety of complicated diagnostic tests. The results of these tests are analyzed to assist doctors in determining what course of treatment will be most effective.

Some of the many tests performed include collecting blood samples, preparing them into cultures, and studying them under a microscope to ascertain morphology. Medical technicians also test blood samples for drug levels to determine how well a patient is responding to a given treatment. They perform tests on stool samples to determine if harmful parasites are present, and they also examine bodily fluid samples to see if any toxic chemicals, bacteria, fungi or other microorganisms are present. They perform other seemingly mundane yet vital tasks such as determining a patient's blood type for transfusions, counting cells, or looking for abnormalities in fluid samples.

How to Become an IT Technician

An IT technician, also known as an information technology technician, performs a wide variety of tasks that deal with operating and maintaining computers and communication systems. Job duties revolve around installing and maintaining hardware, software, networks, and workstations. IT techs are also responsible for troubleshooting and resolving any problems associated with the computers and systems they are tasked with maintaining, in a timely manner.

How to Become an IT Technician

Job Description

IT technicians perform many important functions, which vary greatly depending on the employer's needs and the technician's level of experience and education.

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Maybe you are one of those who got off campus without fully leveraging the career center, career advisors or connecting to all your professors on LinkedIn. It's ok, you'll just need to create a different process than you would have on campus.

Recently a grad came to me and was all jazzed about getting into the job search game now that he was out of university. He was all over job boards, and sending out letters on a pretty random basis, and using one basic resume for all his job searches. There didn't seem to be a lot of direction, focus or forethought to his process. I thought, wow, if all grads are doing it this way, small wonder there's an unemployment problem!

And, if you are working that way, it's no wonder you might feel frustrated, hopeless and thinking about plan B.

Certified Pharmacy Technician Overview

If you are a person who likes to work in an environment where you can with other people on a daily basis, and want to work in the field of healthcare, a job as a certified pharmacy technician may interest you. If you decide to work in this profession, you will be working under the supervision of a pharmacist, and will be required to deal with patients of all ages, providing them with health care products and medications. To put it simply, your primary role will be to prepare prescription medications through tasks such as tablet counting and labelling.

Certified Pharmacy Technician Overview


A more detailed list of pharmacy technician duties are as follows: